Graduate School
Materials Energy Sciences

The Graduate School Materials & Energy Sciences (GS-MES) is an innovative and ambitious project set up in September 2020 with the support of the Normandy Region to develop and promote excellence in master’s degree in the fields of materials and energy.

GS-MES was designed to respond to ambitious and yet very concrete objectives:

creating the optimal conditions to maintain Excellence in Normandy and placing the students and their ambitions at the very heart of the training process.

GS-MES management is driven by a shared desire to modernize the teaching practices and provide the best support to students that strongly will to achieve their personal and professional goals, either in the academia or in the industry.

GS-MES brings together 5 Norman institutions (Rouen Normandy University, Caen Normandy University, Le Havre Normandy University, INSA Rouen, and ENSI Caen) and relies on the 7 laboratories of LabEX EMC3.

We are therefore strengthening our collaboration with Labex EMC³ aiming at:

  • Being the relay of information between laboratories and students
  • Informing our students of internship / thesis / project offers from Labex EMX³
  • Prepare our students for these offers

To this purpose, GS-MES offers the students the possibility to attend specific training programs in addition to the courses included in their educational program.

To be labelled GS-MES students have to be registered in one of our associated Master programs.

All along the academic year, GS-MES students have access to exclusive support from a personal academic tutor and specific training programs adapted to each student’s professional project.

Promotion 2020-2021 Landau-Pesquet

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