Installation of a new atomic probe at the Groupement de Physiques des Matériaux (GPM)

At the beginning of 2022, the Groupement de Physiques des Matériaux (GPM) UMR 6634 (Rouen Normandy University, CNRS, INSA Rouen) is increasing the performance of its GENESIS platform (EQUIPEX, with a CAMECA LEAP 5000XR atomic tomographic probe. This instrumental evolution, co-financed by the Normandy region and the European Regional Development Funds, completes a set of instruments unique in France dedicated to the analysis of materials at the finest scales. The GPM is a major historical player in scientific instrumentation on the tomographic atomic probe and is one of the few laboratories in the world to coexist its own prototypes designed for specific problems (biological materials, photoluminescence, cosmological materials, field emission physics, laser/matter interaction,…) with commercial instruments dedicated to materials science Part of the activities is the subject of technology transfer with the company and partner CAMECA. The new LEAP 5000XR has increased detection performance compared to the previous generation. It allows routine analysis of matter at the atomic scale and in three dimensions with greater efficiency. It is the first instrument of this range installed in France.

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