The EMC³ « Energy Materials and Clean Combustion Center » project belongs to the LABEX winners of the « Laboratory of Excellence » call for projects of the French government’s « Investissements d’avenir » program.

centre de recherche consacré à la fois aux matériaux pour l’énergie et à la combustion propre

This research center is the only one dedicated to both materials for energy and clean combustion.

Led by the CNRS (the Normandy Delegation), it federates 7 laboratories in Normandy:

4 from Caen (CIMAP, CRISMAT, LCMT and LCS)

2 from Rouen (CORIA, GPM)

1 from le Havre (LOMC)

The EMC³ project brings together 700 people, including more than 200 doctoral students and focuses on materials for energy recuperation, the safety of nuclear installations, the development of new materials using eco-compatible methods and the improvement of fuel, combustion, exhaust gas decontamination and thermal energy recuperation.

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The EMC³ is a multidisciplinary project in Chemistry-Physics-Engineering that promotes the emergence of new high-level research projects with a risky nature via a project incubator. Unique at the European level, its originality lies in the continuum from fundamental research to partnership research.

Supported by the MOV’EO global competitiveness cluster for the automotive industry, EMC³ relies on technological research structures such as the ESP Carnot Institute and the CNRT Materials UMS. It also has strong connections with other innovation partners such as the Normandie AéroEspace and Normandie Energies industries.

With a grant of 13 million euros and a strong commitment from partner institutions and organizations (CNRS, ENSICAEN, University of Caen Normandy, CEA, INSA Rouen, Universities of Rouen and Le Havre), the LabEx EMC³ plays a driving role in Normandy for research in “Materials and Energy”.


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