Programme de formation personnalisé & bourse d’excellence

The GS-MES offers a personalized training program in addition to the initial master’s courses that students must follow.

The personalized program is organized according to the needs and the scientific and professional academic project of the student.
To this end, the GS-MES sets up for students:

An academic tutor

Each student will have an academic tutor, chosen at the start of the year. The role of the tutor will be the regular monitoring of the student in his development as well as support in the development of his professional scientific academic project. The tutor will also have the task of informing the GS-MES of the specific needs of his student in order to set up specific courses for the student.

– Full-immersion activities

GS-MES is closely bound to the LabEx EMC3 (Laboratory of Excellence Energy Materials &Clean Combustion Centre), a unique example of coordinated research activities in the field of materials for energy, clean combustion, and any possible connections between these two main topics.

The LabEx EMC3 federates seven laboratories in Normandy: CIMAP, CRISMAT, LCMT and LCS in Caen in which the students will be able to evolve.

An agreement will be established between the student, his institution and the laboratory so that the student can attend the laboratory.

More information on LabEx EMC3 laboratories

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