The first ERC Advanced Grant for Normandy !

Svetlana Mintova, Director of Research in CNRS in the Catalysis and Spectrochemistry Laboratory has been awarded with the ERC Advanced Grant. The first for Normandy!

This ERC Advanced Grant fellowship recognizes excellent researchers recognized as leaders for their achievements. The ERC Advanced Grandees must demonstrate innovative, ambitious  and  feasible scientific projects. The support from the from ERC Advanced Grant (2.5 million euros) for 5 years will guarantee the development of Svetlana Mintova’s project “ZEOLIghT: Dual challenges in the discovery and sustainability of nanozeolites by controlling defect sites and structural flexibility”.

The ZEOLIghT project aims to master the defects and flexibility of nanozeolites by understanding the fundamental mechanisms of growth kinetics. Indeed, defects are the key to transforming inert materials into active materials. Advances in understanding the flexibility and defects of nanozeolites will pave the way for the discovery of a wide variety of novel nanozeolites with original properties still unknown today. The new zeolites will contribute to the challenges of the energy transition, climate change and CO2 emissions.

Everything is happening at the defect sites!


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