Publications 2023


Title: On the origin of the strain hardening mechanisms of Ni20Cr alloy manufactured by laser powder bed fusion (CRISMAT/GPM)

Author(s): Joshi, SS (Joshi, Shubham Sanjay); Keller, C (Keller, Clement); Mas, L (Mas, Lydie); Lefebvre, W (Lefebvre, Williams); Hug, E (Hug, Eric); Couzinie, JP (Couzinie, Jean-Philippe)

Source: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY, Volume : 165 DOI : 10.1016/j.ijplas.2023.103610 Published: JUNE 2023

Title: Atom probe tomography of hyper-doped Ge layers synthesized by Sb in-diffusion by pulsed laser melting (GPM)

Author(s): Ndiaye, S (Ndiaye, Samba); Duguay, S (Duguay, Sebastien); Vurpillot, F (Vurpillot, Francois); Carraro, C (Carraro, Chiara); Maggioni, G (Maggioni, Gianluigi); Di Russo, E (Di Russo, Enrico); De Salvador, D (De Salvador, Davide); Napolitani, E (Napolitani, Enrico); Rigutti, L (Rigutti, Lorenzo)

Source: MATERIALS SCIENCE IN SEMICONDUCTOR PROCESSING, Volume : 164, DOI : 10.1016/j.mssp.2023.107641 Published: SEPT 2023

Title: H2 production from formic acid over highly stable and efficient Cu-Fe-O spinel based photocatalysts under flow, visible-light and at room temperature conditions (CRISMAT/LCS)

Author(s): Abdelli, H (Abdelli, Hanen); Hamoud, HI (Hamoud, Houeida Issa); Bolletta, JP (Bolletta, Juan Pablo); Paecklar, A (Paecklar, Arnold); Bardaoui, A (Bardaoui, Afrah); Kostov, KL (Kostov, Krassimir L.); Szaniawska, E (Szaniawska, Ewelina); Maignan, A (Maignan, Antoine); Martin, C (Martin, Christine); El-Roz, M (El-Roz, Mohamad)

Source: APPLIED MATERIALS TODAY, Volume : 31, DOI : 10.1016/j.apmt.2023.101771, Published: APRIL 2023

Title: Direct Evidence of the Role of Co or Pt, Co Single-Atom Promoters on the Performance of MoS2 Nanoclusters for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (LCS)

Author(s): Zavala, LA (Zavala, Luz A.); Kumar, K (Kumar, Kavita); Martin, V (Martin, Vincent); Maillard, F (Maillard, Frederic); Mauge, F (Mauge, Francoise) ; Portier, X (Portier, Xavier); Oliviero, L (Oliviero, Laetitia); Dubau, L (Dubau, Laetitia)

Source: ACS CATALYSIS, Volume : 13 Issue : 2 Article Number : 1221-1229 DOI : 10.1021/acscatal.2c05432 Published: JANUARY 2023

Title: A new series of magnetic and luminescent layered hybrid materials obtained from thianthrene phosphonic acid: M(H2O)PO3-S2C12H7 (M = Cu, Zn) and M(H2O)2(PO2OH-S2C12H7)2 (M = Mn, Co) (CRISMAT/CIMAP)

Author(s): Letheux, G (Letheux, Geoffrey); Ganesan, P (Ganesan, Parameshwari); Veillon, F (Veillon, Fabien); Varignon, J (Varignon, Julien); Perez, O (Perez, Olivier); Cardin, J (Cardin, Julien); Labbé, C (Labbe, Christophe); Rogez, G (Rogez, Guillaume); Ligeour, M (Ligeour, Mathilde); Jaffrès, PA (Jaffres, Paul-Alain); Rueff, JM (Rueff, Jean-Michel)

Source: DALTON TRANSACTIONS Volume: 52  Issue: 48  Article Number: 18362-18379  DOI : 10.1039/d3dt03153e Published: DEC 12 2023

Title: Surface Dynamics of Field Evaporation in Silicon Carbide (GPM)

Author(s): Ndiaye, S (Ndiaye, Samba); Bacchi, C (Bacchi, Christian); Klaes, B (Klaes, Benjamin); Canino, M (Canino, Mariaconcetta); Vurpillot, F (Vurpillot, Francois); Rigutti, L (Rigutti, Lorenzo)

Source: JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 127  Issue: 11  Article Number: 5467-5478  DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.2c08908 Published: MARCH 23 2023

Title: Thermoelectric instabilities in a circular Couette flow (LOMC)

Author(s): Meyer, A (Meyer, Antoine); Yoshikawa, HN (Yoshikawa, Harunori); Szabo, PSB (Szabo, Peter. S. B.); Meier, M (Meier, Markus); Egbers, C (Egbers, Christoph); Mutabazi, I (Mutabazi, Innocent)


Title: Population of ground and lowest excited states of sulfur via the dissociative recombination of SH+ in the diffuse interstellar medium (LOMC)

Author(s): Boffelli, J (Boffelli, Jeoffrey); Gauchet, F (Gauchet, F.); Kashinski, DO (Kashinski, D. O.); Talbi, D (Talbi, D.); Hickman, AP (Hickman, A. P.); Chakrabarti, K (Chakrabarti, K.); Bron, E (Bron, E.); Orbán, A (Orban, A.); Mezei, JZ (Mezei, J. Zs); Schneider, IF (Schneider, Ioan)

Source: MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Volume: 522  Issue: 2  Article Number: 2259-2266  DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stad1065 Published: APRIL 21 2023

Title: Mono-directional pressure-induced downsizing of zeolite crystals increases their catalytic performances (LCS)

Author(s): Mohammad, F. (Mohammad, Fahda), Louwanda, L. (Louwanda, Lakiss), Kamila, G. (Kamila, Goldyn), Edwin, C. (Edwin, Clatworthy), Marie, D. (Marie, Desmurs), Jean-Pierre, G. (Jean-Pierre Gilson), Svetlana, M. (Svetlana Mintova), Valentin, V. (Valentin Valtchev)

Source: INORGANIC CHEMISTRY FRONTIERS  Volume: 10 Article Number: 4719-4724  DOI: 10.1039/D3QI01006F Published: JUIL 18 2023

Title: Role of 3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene in the Enhancement of Optical and Charge Transport Properties of Low Band Gap Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Containing Metallooligomers Designed for Organic Solar Cells (LCMT)

Author(s): Qassab, M. (Qassab, Malak), Lohier, J-F. (Lohier, Jean-François), Marineau-Plante, G. (Marineau-Plante, Gabriel), Wayzani, A. (Wayzani, Abdel Aziz), Herbinet, R. (Herbinet, Romuald), Durandetti, M. (Durandetti, Muriel), Hardouin, J. (Hardouin, Julie), Karsenti P-L. (Karsenti, Paul-Ludovic), Le Pluart, L. (Le Pluart, Loïc), Harvey, P. (D. Harvey, Pierre), Lemouchi, C. (Lemouchi, Cyprien), and Sharma, G. (Ganesh D. Sharma)

Source: ACS PUBLICATIONS  Volume: 6  Issue: 24  Article Number: 12452-12467  DOI: 10.1021/acsaem.3c02337 Published: DEC 06 2023

Title: Quantifying microstructural contribution to yield stress and strain hardening of Ni20Cr alloy manufactured by laser powder bed fusion with different volumetric energy densities

Author(s): Joshi, SS (Joshi, Shubham Sanjay); Keller, C (Keller, Clement); Lefebvre, W (Lefebvre, Williams); Hug, E (Hug, Eric)

Source: JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, Volume 968 DOI:10.1016/j.jallcom.2023.172241, DEC 2023

Title: Viscoelastic instabilities of Taylor-Couette flows with different rotation regimes (LOMC)

Author(s): Bai, Y (Bai, Yang); Latrache, N (Latrache, Noureddine); Kelai, F (Kelai, Faycal); Crumeyrolle, O (Crumeyrolle, Olivier); Mutabazi, I (Mutabazi, Innocent)


Title: The Ni4-xCoxNb2O9 phase diagram: from magnetization reversal to linear magnetoelectricity (CRISMAT)

Author(s): Jiongo-Dongmo, JN (Jiongo-Dongmo, J. N.); Bolletta, JP (Bolletta, J. P.); Maignan, A (Maignan, A.); Damay, F (Damay, F.); Martin, C (Martin, C.)

Source: JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY C, Volume11Issue15Page5092-5101, DOI10.1039/d3tc00429e, AVRIL 2023

Title: Field-dependent abundances of hydride molecular ions in atom probe tomography of III-N semiconductors (GPM)

Author(s): Diagne, A (Diagne, Aissatou); Garcia, LG (Garcia, Luis Gonzalez); Ndiaye, S (Ndiaye, Samba); Gogneau, N (Gogneau, Noelle); Vrellou, M (Vrellou, Maria); Houard, J (Houard, Jonathan); Rigutti, L (Rigutti, Lorenzo)

Source: JOURNAL OF MICROSCOPY, DOI10.1111/jmi.13233

Title: The Synthesis and Thermoelectric Properties of the n-Type Solid Solution Bi2-xSbxTe3 (x < 1) (CRISMAT)

Author(s): Galodé, A (Galode, Amelie); Barbier, T (Barbier, Tristan); Gascoin, F (Gascoin, Franck)

Source: MATERIALS, Volume16 Issue17 DOI10.3390/ma16175941, SEPT 2023

Title: Quantifying microstructural contribution to yield stress and strain hardening of Ni20Cr alloy manufactured by laser powder bed fusion with different volumetric energy densities (GPM/CRISMAT)

Author(s): Joshi, SS (Joshi, Shubham Sanjay); Keller, C (Keller, Clement); Hug, E (Hug, Eric); Lefebvre, W (Lefebvre, Williams)

Source: JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, Volume968, DOI10.1016/j.jallcom.2023.172241, DEC 2023

Title: Computations of pressure loads on an oscillating water column with experimental comparison for random waves (LOMC/CORIA)

Author(s): Martin, MB (Martin, Marc Batlle); Pinon, G (Pinon, Gregory); Barajas, G (Barajas, Gabriel); Lara, JL (Lara, Javier L.); Reveillon, J (Reveillon, Julien)

Source: COASTAL ENGINEERING, Volume179, DOI10.1016/j.coastaleng.2022.104228, JANV 2023

Title: Synthesis of relaxed Ge0.9Sn0.1/Ge by nanosecond pulsed laser melting (GPM)

Author(s): Di Russo E., Sgarbossa F., Ranieri P., Maggioni G., Ndiaye S., Duguay S., Vurpillot F., Rigutti L., Rouvière J.-L., Morandi V., De Salvador D., Napolitani E

Source: Applied Surface Science, 612 . DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-03885778, MARS 2023

Title: Flow patterns and heat transfer in a dielectric liquid inside a planar capacitor under microgravity conditions (LOMC)

Author(s): Barry, EB (Barry, Elhadj B.); Kang, C (Kang, Changwoo); Yoshikawa, HN (Yoshikawa, Harunori N.); Mutabazi, I (Mutabazi, Innocent)

Source: APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, Volume122 Issue18
DOI10.1063/5.0144535, MAI 2023

Title: Dissociative recombination of N2H+: A revisited study (LOMC)

Author(s): J Zsolt Mezei, Mehdi A. Ayouz, Andrea Orban, Abdillah Abdoulanziz, Dahbi Talbi, David O. Kashinski, Emeric Bron, Viatcheslav Kokoouline, Ioan F. Schneider

Source: European Physical Journal Special Topics, js/s11734-023-00922-5, 2023

Title: Detection of kissing bond type defects and evaluation of the bonding quality in metal/adhesive/composite structures by a wavenumber-frequency insensitive SH mode (LOMC)

Author(s): L. Attar, M. Ech Cherif El Kettani, D. Leduc, M. Predoi, J. Galy

Source: NDT & E INTERNATIONAL, Volume 137, p.102841,, JUILLET 2023

Title: Discrimination between weak adhesion, delamination and kissing bound at the interfaces of composite bonded assemblies (LOMC)

Author(s): R. Houzibe, M. Ech-Cherif El-Kettani, P. Maréchal, E. Siryabe, G. Betchewe

Source: WAVE MOTION, Vol.118, pp.103105, 2023,, AVRIL 2023

Title: Electric control of a phononic crystal constituted of Piezoelectric layers using Schottky diode (LOMC)

Author(s): Massaï Hatoumva, Emmanuel Siryabe, Pierre Maréchal, Joseph Yves Effa and Gambo Betchewe

Source: Smart Materials and Structures, Vol.32, N°.1, p.015003, 2023, 2023

Title: Phenomenological model for predicting thermoelectromechanical response of 2-2 piezocomposite (LOMC)

Author(s): Pierre Tizé-Mha, Pierre Maréchal, Guy Ntamack and Bienvenue Kenmeugne

Source: Journal of Composite Materials, Vol.57, Issue 13,, 2023

Title: Investigating the physicochemical properties of an extra-large pore aluminosilicate ZEO-1 (LCS)

Author(s): Mohammad Fahda, Jawad Fayek, Eddy Dib, Hugo Cruchade, Nathan Pichot, Nourrdine Chaouati, Ludovic Pinard, Petko Petkov, Georgi Vayssilov, Alvaro Mayoral, Bernhard Witulski, Louwanda Lakiss, and Valentin Valtchev

Source: Chemistry of Materials, under revision, 2023

Title: 1,3-Butadiynamides the Ethynylogous Ynamides: Synthesis, Properties and Applications in Heterocyclic  (LCMT)

Author(s): Lenko I., Alayrac C.*, Bożek I., Witulski B

Source: Chemistry. Molecules, 28(11) . DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-04126159 – OA HAL, MAI 2023

Title: Bright and ultrafast electron point source made of LaB 6 nanotip (GPM)

Author(s): Bhorade O., Deconihout B., Blum I., Moldovan S., Houard J., Normand A., Jagtap K., More M., Vella A.

Source: Nanoscale Advances, DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-04344647 – OA hors HAL, 2023

Title: Visualizing the Flexibility of RHO Nanozeolite: Experiment and Modeling.  (GPM)

Author(s): Clatworthy E., Moldovan S., Nakouri K., Gramatikov S., Dalena F., Daturi M., Petkov P. S., Vayssilov G., Mintova S.

Source: Journal of the American Chemical Society, 145(28) . DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-04252479, 2023

Title: Contributions of Ni-content and irradiation temperature to the kinetic of solute cluster formation and consequences on the hardening of VVER materials (GPM)

Author(s): Courilleau C., Radiguet B., Chaouadi R., Stergar E., Duplessi A., Pareige P.

Source: Journal of Nuclear Materials, 585 . DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-04334904 – OA HAL, 2023

Title: Consequences of thermite welding on the microstructure of the heat affected zone of a carbide-free bainitic steel rail. (GPM)

Author(s): Lesage T.*, Avettand-Fènoël M., Masquelier M., Danoix F., Kamgaing L

Source: Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 108 . DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-04314811 – OA HAL, 2023

Title: Synthesis of nanosized MFI zeolites using Cu-containing complexes.  (GPM)

Author(s): Peng P., Moldovan S., Vicente A., Ruaux V., Debost M., Hu H., Aleksandrov H., Vayssilov G., Yan Z.-F., Mintova S

Source: Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 357 . DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-04285832 – OA HAL, 2023

Title: A study of the carbon distribution in bainitic ferrite (GPM)

Author(s): Pushkareva I., Macchi J., Shalchi-Amirkhiz B., Fazeli F., Geandier G., Danoix F., Teixeira J. D. C., Allain S. Y. P., Scott C

Source: Scripta Materialia, 224, DOI: Réf. HAL: hal-04287988 – OA HAL, 2023

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